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Bumper Ads do not exceed six seconds in length displayed while the user is watching a video. Being so short, the viewer cannot skip it. To create this type of ad, you must: Create a new video campaign. Define the objectives of the subtype. Assign it a name. Establish the budget you will have and the maximum CPM (Cost per 1000 Impressions). Once the ad is selected, specify that the video type is Bumper Ad. Go ahead and try it for yourself. The creation of YouTube campaigns is a great option to make yourself known, given the great popularity that the video platform has achieved. Don't think about it anymore. Jump in. Studies have shown that powerpoint training really works.

AdWords allows you to place and manage video ads through the Google Display Network. Its wide coverage means that it can reach practically anywhere in the world, reaching its audience wherever it is. When Google bought YouTube in 2006, in addition to buying the most important online video portal, it accessed an audience of 800 million people every month. Together with its already wide and powerful Display Network, it makes AdWords one of the best tools to manage video campaigns, obtaining measurable and quantifiable results from the performance of your ads. You can track the scope of the tour campaign: Your ads will appear on the most important online video website. Have you tried powerpoint course to boost customer engagement?

More than 800 million people visit YouTube a month, and hundreds of millions of hours of video are watched every day. The Display Network is a big deal: In addition to YouTube's own formats, your videos can also be published on the Google Display Network. This network currently comprises more than 2 million websites on different topics. AdWords means accurate segmentation. Does the act of storytelling in business really add value?

Google AdWords for video allows precise segmentation by selecting different options: keywords, demographics, location, topics, category of interests, etc. Pay Per Video display (CPV) is cost-effective: Video ads that you can configure with AdWords belong to the TrueView family, which means that you will only pay when the user decides to watch your video. This gives you the security that you are only paying for the ads that the user has viewed in full. You have the insights: Thanks to analytics, you will obtain valuable information (who watches the video, how long, demographics) that will be used to optimize campaign performance and improve ads. Does storytelling for business really work?

I advise you so that your investment in YouTube advertising is highly profitable, and you get the best results. It is vital to choose the ideal YouTube advertising format for the type of potential customers and the achievement of the objectives set with the campaign, within the different models offered by YouTube. That is why we use our knowledge and experience in YouTube AdWords to advise you on whether it is convenient for you to advertise in-stream or in search format or slate format.